Welcome to Blueprint Reset, the original home of Matrix Recalibration. We offer you the first Blueprint Healing of its kind.. This is medicine from the Future, for the Future! It is your personal blueprint healing service, as opposed to the one size fits all approach of our traditional medicine.. Your Blueprint, is like a fingerprint, it is totally unique to you, being formed by our Creator as an individual expression of itself…


Because of this, our uniqueness needs to be addressed, by a method that specifically targets our personal  Matrix codes, the codes that have been created to give maximun health and wellbeing to our bodies…


Over time, and through our experiences in density, the codes that form our templates, have become corrupt. They have either changed, or are missing altogether from the cellular matrix, and need to be replaced or restored, to allow the body to return to full health…  


Blueprint Reset, is the very latest divine healing technology, and an invaluable tool for the renewal and regeneration of our ailing bodies.. Blueprint Reset, not only restores our body parts, (each one having a separate code of its own), it can be successfully used to remove the code of viruses, tumours, and any invading biology within our body. In fact anything that doesn’t conform to perfect health and wellbeing, can be removed, or regenerated…


  My name is Kir-aha. I am an Elohim/Oraphim,  channel of the Ultimate Light… Since the beginning of 2010, I have been channelling advanced light technology from the future, to assist us all at this time of transition. I am the founder of healing and upgrading systems from these future timelines… Systems which heal, activate and add new DNA to our energy matrix. Systems which draw ‘Source’ energy from the ‘Core’, in order to reset us, back to our whiteprint/blueprint, as the original benevolent Creators intended.. If you would like to contact me about this work, please click on any mail icon, or just go to ‘kira@blueprintreset.com’… More booking options are available from the booking button in the sidebar. If you would like to book a basic Blueprint Reset, (not for chronic health issues), please go here.  




Immunity Reset:

If you are concerned about your body’s immunity, then why not receive an ‘Immunity Reset’.. This is a recalibration that will restore the ‘T’ cells in your blood, which are reponsible for destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, to their original blueprint code, thus boosting them to optimum efficiency. It is important for all of us to boost our immunity now, not just the elderly or infirmed.. If you believe that you are EMF or Wi-Fi sensitive, then you may need to boost your immune system… Please book Here..  


‘Blueprint Reset’, or ‘Matrix Recalibration’, has been with us since the end of 2017. Even though this system of healing is still in its infancy, the word ‘Miracle’ is already being used to  describe it! Since this time, I  have been offering light recalibrations to others, with some quite remarkable effects.. I have recently changed the way I work, to ensure a fuller healing takes place. I have found that over our lifetimes, we can become distorted in more than one matrix, which will result in an illness manifesting. In order for a complete healing to take place, every matrix relating to the issue must be reset, or deleted, ( see timeline healing )..

You can however still reset an individual organ/body part through a standard recalibration. This will cover injuries, organic issues, such as deformities, birth defects, decay of the body i.e teeth, issues caused by poor dietary habits (not compulsive eating, as this has an emotional, generally karmic element to it, and would require a ‘timeline healing’)..


Criteria for booking a ‘Blueprint Reset’:


  • If you want to restore a body part, including the pineal gland, to its original blueprint code, for health and wellbeing.
  • If you want to remove a virus, growth (benign or malignant), i.e a tumour. 


Criteria for booking a ‘Timeline Healing’:


  • If you have a chronic health condition, (not cancer-see blueprint reset).
  • If you have self-sabotaging programs that need to be removed.

Book your Blueprint Reset here. To book a Timeline Healing, please click here. This is a real gift, and a tool whose value to us all, cannot be underestimated! It can be used on any part of the body, even on our pineal gland or occipital lobe, for the purpose of spiritual growth. The Future is here, Now!