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Welcome to Blueprint Reset the home of new Light Healing technology.

Blueprint resetting is designed to restore your matrices, it can remove any matrix that is causing ill health, i.e that of viruses, bacteria and cancer. It can even remove a Past Life trauma matrix, since this is usually the main cause of our ill health.


My name is Kira. I am an Elohim/Oraphim, channel of the Ultimate Light…

Since the beginning of 2010, I have been channelling advanced light technology from the future, to assist us all at this time of transition. I am the founder of healing and upgrading systems from these future timelines… Systems which heal, activate and add new DNA to our energy matrix..
Systems which draw ‘Source’ energy from the ‘Core’, in order to reset us, back to our whiteprint/blueprint, as the original benevolent Creators intended..
If you would like to contact me about this work, please click on any mail icon, or just go to ‘’… Booking options are available from the booking button in the footer below & sidebar.

Blueprinting Healing

Welcome to Blueprint Reset, the original home of Matrix Recalibration.

We offer you the first Blueprint Healing of its kind.. This is medicine from the Future, for the Future! It is your personal blueprint healing service, as opposed to the one size fits all approach of our traditional medicine..

Your Blueprint, is like a fingerprint, it is totally unique to you, being formed by our Creator as an individual expression of itself…
Because of this, our uniqueness needs to be addressed, by a method that specifically targets our personal Matrix codes, the codes that have been created to give maximum health and wellbeing to our bodies…

Your Matrix

Over time, and through our experiences in density, the codes that form our templates, have become corrupt. They have either changed, or are missing altogether from the cellular matrix, and need to be replaced or restored, to allow the body to return to full health…
Blueprint Reset, is the very latest divine healing technology, and an invaluable tool for the renewal and regeneration of our ailing bodies.. Blueprint Reset, not only restores our bodies by removing 'Soul Traumas' from past timelines, which are still active in the present one (the main cause of illness), it can be successfully used to remove the code of viruses, tumours, and any invading biology within our body. In fact anything that doesn’t conform to perfect health and wellbeing, can be removed …

This is what people are saying about their experience of blueprinting..
Emma Mathers

Emma Mathers

“I feel like my third eye and crown are recalibrating and opening… I did something today I have never done before. I posted my experience of energies on my FB page. Posting about this publically is something I would never have done before for fear of backlash or judgement from those not ready to receive the information. I did it without fear of what others will think about me.. I felt a peace and excitement for what is to come, previously I had high anxiety and constant fear of what the future holds. It is as though fear and anxiety have no place in my existence any longer. Any fear thoughts that come up I can immediately release them now without them escalating to a perpetual cycle… Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift. I am beyond grateful”..

3rd eye

Kim Hunt

“ I found Kira and her amazing technologies, after having had stage 4 breast cancer. Her healing gift made perfect sense to me. Having a Matrix Removal, was one of the best things I ever did. Immediately I felt at peace & a few days later a substantial increase in physical energy which has not subsided. The coup de grace was the cancer test results. A few weeks later every oncology marker was normal. This was life-changing & I would recommend working with Kira to all who wish to experience a health transformation. You will find Kira to be a very gifted, sensible, open-hearted and positive soul who is empowering others daily"

Lesley Ward Hinckson

Lesley Ward Hinckson

” Since a liver recalibration, I can take breaths more easily, so that’s great! .. Also, I think that due to my recalibration, I had a HUGE emotional shift, an outpouring. It came as a surprise as I wasn’t aware I felt this, and was surprised that I have been still carrying those feelings around since childhood, having thought that I had dealt with them. I am so grateful that you are able to offer this help” …

Inger Arness

Inger Arness

“I felt the energy coming in, and felt very at home in it.
Afterwards I felt that my form dissolved and I became a vibrating mass of light particles…
This went on for a while… and then I felt like every particle was organized back into form again. It was like energy just flowed through and kept flowing, making me feel very comfortable in my skin” …"

Brenda Jones

Brenda Jones

"Thank you so much for the amazing pineal gland recalibration session. I could sure feel the waves of energy coming through..
My head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming through in waves... I felt the whole time you were working on me. The session was totally awesome, and you're amazing!! ... Very much appreciated!! ..

Aase Krogh

Aase Krogh

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kira.. The cravings and the eternal hunger are gone!! I feel so relieved, and feel normal in the food path for the first time in my life.. To me this is a miracle! You have to be magical!! Even the blood sugar was much lower, and I am losing weight.. This has to be the Greatest News for the World… recalibration.. Wow! ”

J. Alford

J. Alford

I could feel the energy moving up my body. The heart chakra seemed to open up and expand to receive the energy💜.

I love this Healing modality you offer, this is life saving! We all need to purge and restore these bodily systems.


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