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Here is the latest update on our Future Technology!

“You have been informed by various spiritual sources, that there is a flu epidemic spreading across your planet. This is said to be a major cleansing agent for the Earth, and all who live upon her.. Whilst this is true to some degree, your Soul does not need to participate in this cleansing. It is not mandatory, to be involved in this, unless you choose to be…

There are other options that will limit or even erase the virus completely from your biology. One such option, is the Blueprint Reset System. This system will not only recalibrate your physical vehicles, in order to return them to perfect health, but will also delete the matrix of all viruses, if directed to do so, rendering them inactive within you…


The normal course of action when faced with these plagues, would be to boost the immune system, to assist your antibodies in coping with the invaders that are spreading throughout your system. However there are new strains of virus currently upon your world. They have evolved to be resistant to the antibiotics and drugs that have been developed by your medical profession, to combat them. The scientific and technology community, cannot cope with the onslaught of these viruses…

You do not have to succumb to the ravages of these epidemics, when there are alternatives at hand, to assist you in returning to a state of health and well being.. This Future Technology is here NOW, and is here for your benefit, in an ever changing landscape which is fraught with challenges, as you endeavour to step into your power….”


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