Timeline Re-imprinting

Throughout time and our journeys through density, our matrices become corrupted, largely due to our responses to traumatic timeline events..

As a species we adapt to changing conditions, our DNA will alter in response to not only our external  environment, but also to our internal one, that of our emotions, thought habits and inner programs…

Long held emotions affect the physical body as they become infused into the cellular matrix if not dealt with quickly. They fester and cause disease (lack of ease)..

One way to restore the DNA to health is to re-imprint it, this involves infusing our current DNA with the code of our Healthy DNA, or the DNA from a timeline where we are in perfect health. This by the way can include the DNA from our Future Selves! This is an excellent way to bring restoration and renewal to our vehicles..

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Wow Kira, that one was really powerful. I felt many waves throughout my body and a strong buzzing in and around my mouth. Then.. all I can describe as a flashing on and off of myself. In form then out of form. A huge magnetic type feeling in my third eye. All in all it was wonderfully powerful. I enjoyed the energy!
Thank you so much” 💖💞💖Beth C