timeline healing

Timeline Healing

As the Blueprint Reset work has continued, another version, the ‘Timeline Healing’,  has evolved in response to our needs.. Our need to clear our matrix, in order that we can move up the vibration scale, and embody more and more light, is paramount.


We need to have a faster energy matrix, so that we can align with the faster frequencies of our higher lightbodies, and step into our ascended selves.. The heaviness of accumulated dross, has been weighing us down, and keeping us vibrating within certain limits. These dense experiences, and their aftermath need to be purged from our systems..


During the course of using the reset/recalibration codes, I have been made more keenly aware of just how multilayered we are, as energy beings. Having used the codes to clear conditions within the body, illnesses, diseases, and all manner of ailments, I have discovered that these misalignments tend to have a number of energy feeds.. These clearly are often from other realities, where we co-exist, multidimensionally.


A friend of mine spent many years clearing rubbish from her energy matrix, only to find that as she cleared one thing, another soon took its place! This is because we exist on many levels. We are healing the Whole Being. All experiences to some degree impact upon All our Selves, multidimensional, interdimensional, and parallel.. This work has become very in depth, so I have decided to offer this aspect of the blueprint reset for all health conditions only. The standard recalibration for blueprint restoration, and regeneration of body parts, will continue as normal, at the normal price.. Since the Timeline Healing generally takes considerably longer, (often involving the deletion of offending matrices) and includes a couple of follow up sessions that may be necessary at a later date, this is all reflected in the price of £90. Please book your Timeline Healing below ( all information given is completely confidential)… Please note, it may be advisable to lie down during the session, which may last for up to an hour.


Criteria for booking a ‘Timeline Healing’:
  • If you have a chronic health condition, (not cancer-see cancer recalibration).
  • If you have self-sabotaging programs that need to be removed.


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timeline healing