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“The Telomere matrix is a matrix of photonic light, woven from the ethereal light of ‘Source’.. It engages with the components of the DNA, to create the wellbeing of your bodies.. However its matrix is compromised, by inbuilt programming, which was given to you long ago. This has created a default setting within the matrix, which limits your capabilities as a species. It is a barrier beyond which you cannot go, or transcend..

The solution to this limitation, comes by way of a reset of the existing matrix, one which will alter it substantially, by insertion of the original blueprint codes.. The blueprint is the original divinely intended version of your template, without corruption, in its perfect format..

Once the new code is established within you, magical things begin to happen. Subatomic particles begin to rearrange themselves in response to the new codes.. Great Light is released within the DNA, which has hitherto been held back.. This light contains the instructions for perfect divine harmony, and wellbeing.. The DNA responds in accordance with this light information, automatically restoring the original template, and its settings. Thus begins the healing and transformation within your cells..

All can achieve this level of health and harmony. It is not out of reach for anyone who wishes to experience a better quality of life, and increased longevity.. You must choose your own path, and not allow the dictates of other beings to determine this for you…”


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