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Your DNA is comprised of many parts. All are fundamentally important to your wellbeing.. Receptors exist which receive and decode the information given to them, for each living cell, which is an individual unit of consciousness, within the whole.. These receptors are dynamically charged, and energetically activated, responding to the DNA Matrix, and its inherent programming..

The cells divide over time, and their receptors or telomeres, tend to shorten in length. Ultimately cell damage occurs, as the chromosomes become compromised, through repeated division. Functioning is retarded, and chemical processing delayed..

The slower the energy, the longer reparation takes, and the battery that is the cell, holds onto toxins unnecessarily, unable to shift them from its matrix.. Thus it is that decay and detritus sets in, instigating the breakdown and death of the organism..

This does not have to occur when technological advances make it possible to heal and repair all parts of the DNA, including the telomeres, that help to keep you youthful and dynamic.. The telomeres have their own unique matrix, which can be corrected and restored back to its original blueprint encoding.. This will be extremely beneficial to you, and will assist humanity in living long, healthy lives once more.. This is your birthright, your legacy, as Divine Beings of Light.. It is time to eradicate the limitations, and step into the heavenly experience of life, as Creator Beings. Stepping into a new world of infinite possibility, and Light…


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