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The original Angelic/Human Template, is one that contains a fully active 12 strand DNA Matrix… This matrix has been altered, when a frequency barrier was placed around the Earth, creating limitations for you all.  The frequency barrier is now being breached, to allow you to expand beyond your limited 3D senses, into a world of empowerment and wonder. Great things will become possible for you, achievements you could not have dreamt of previously!



Technology has arrived from future timelines, to assist you further through the breach. This technology will revolutionize your energy matrix, and is here to help you to return to your original blueprint template, the one which has been lovingly created for you, before your explorations into density. The original Creator Gods wish you to return to this matrix, in order to fulfil your destiny, as beings of Light. It is a mighty destiny, one which you will now begin to see glimpses of… The atomic and subatomic changes that will occur within you, will initiate a huge transformation, which will affect all levels of your being. This will provide the catalyst for cellular regeneration, and photonic mutation, which will be required during the process of change.

To further assist you in this process, we are giving you a new system, the ‘Matrix Recalibration’ system. This system will activate and restore, all of your original blueprint codes. Codes for your DNA, codes for the healthy functioning of your physical vehicle, and the codes within your core matrix… It can be used to repair, restore and renew anything, and will revolutionize your lives, taking you to the next step of your Evolution.

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Frederic Perez · October 25, 2017 at 9:47 am

That’s a very good explanation.
DNA will change in the course of life when One get higher vibration frequency…
We usually, as human being, use only few potential of our panel DNA… Maybe 1 to 5 as we got awaken and enlightened…
More you grow in pure light, unconditional Love, and acceptance, more you raise your DNA frequency vibration giving you access to higher level of exchange and knowledge.

Very good post and reading. Thank you Kira.

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