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Your Energy Matrix is fundamentally flawed. Over time it has become corrupted by your experiences, and your corresponding responses to them. The energetic signatures of each organ, have altered, and are no longer vibrating in alignment with their originally intended ones. It is thus that your organs and body parts atrophy, as the matrix collapses and ceases to function as it was intended. Disease sets in, and chronic conditions develop, as the organs struggle to function correctly.. This leads to an eventual breakdown of the entire system, and ultimately death follows.


perfect health


The Matrix Restoration program, otherwise known as ‘Blueprint Reset‘, is being given to you by your original creators. It is a gift that will assist you back to perfect health, as you were meant to experience it. Failing body parts can be returned to optimum condition, and your quality of life can be restored.. Longevity will be the inevitable result of this, and you will live many years free from pain and suffering. Your extended life span will add to your joy, and bring about many positive changes for you and your loved ones.. You are moving towards the ‘Heaven upon Earth’, that you have sought after for so long.. It has now arrived!


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