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Over past millennia, you have all suffered heinous acts against you.. These actions and their consequences, have had powerful effects upon your subconscious mind, imprinting it with trauma, and its subsequent results and manifestations within your cellular matrix.. Illness and disease has resulted from this, tearing down your glorious bodies of light, and reducing them to a denser vibration, a mere glimmer, thus keeping them perpetually operating at a low frequency.. This has made them subject to all other dense vibrations, and has opened the door to decay and death of the organism..

You are entering a new era of Light now, and it is essential that your vibratory rate be increased..


.. in order to keep pace with the changes happening on your planet. The effects upon your Karmic Body, of these disharmonious experiences, need to be negated, and your Karmic Matrix restored to a clean state, deleting these miscreations, permanently..

This can be achieved using the Blueprint Reset method of healing the hologram. The long term effects of negative experiences, will be erased from your energy bodies.. This will also impact positively upon ancestral issues, that have been carried down the karmic line. Passing from generation to generation, without being resolved… A new day is dawning for mankind, one of mastery, and greater light.. Why not erase the past now, using Blueprint Reset?


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