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The biggestobservation self-defeating mechanism is not the belief systems that we adopt, though they have an effect upon us, but our observation faculty.. As a tool of Creation, our observation is second to none. The very act of observing something cements it into our field of Reality. In fact in one respect, Nothing exists until we observe it. This sounds like the chicken and the egg scenario (which came first)..Expectation and observation tend to go hand in hand regarding the creative process.. It can be said that every morning before we awaken, millions of atoms scramble to form the picture that we expect to see as we open our eyes. Until that point, our reality doesn’t exist…

So when we continually observe a condition in the body, we are helping to perpetuate it. Thank heavens for plasters, as they hide the divine healing energies that are actively working to heal and seal our wounds. You can be sure that if the wound was left uncovered, we would be continually inspecting it in some morbid curiosity!

Observation is a big part of my Blueprint work, since I have been able to see the matrix code of anything for the past few years. I have used the power of observation to to change a matrix. In the case of blueprinting, this will be a reversion to the original healthy blueprints of our bodies. When it comes to removing a harmful matrix, such as the matrix of a virus or cancer, I’m able to similarly use observation to delete the offending code… What powerful and Amazing Beings we Are, birthed from the ‘Divine Source’…         


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