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Here is some more channelled information on the Blueprint Reset system…

“The numerical values are equivalent to DNA strings. Each code has a preset energetic, which activates the string matrix. Once activated, the light fractals come together to create the interface for change, thus returning each cell to its original matrix..

Each matrix comprises many strings of both activated, and non-activated DNA. Activation points occur along each strand. These points are linked with the numerical codes, which trigger the reactivation. Once this occurs, there are firings at the atomic and subatomic levels of being, and cellular change follows..


more codes

These are nuclear changes, since they begin within the nucleus of each cell. All change begins here, as the subatomic particles are altered fundamentally, drawing in energy from the ‘Core’, for their transformation. The nuclear fusion process starts here, and restructuring is an inevitability.. Non-activated DNA is rapidly fired into action, and alchemical change is achieved.

Your technology seeks to understand these processes from the level of the mind. You must go further than the mental planes, to see these actions and reactions taking place. The mind will only take you so far. To see the core elements, you must access the Spiritual Mind of Self. Then all becomes clear. This will unlock more of your potential, as Creator Beings of Light, to transform yourselves, and the world you live in.. Great changes are upon you Now!


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