Matrix Removal is another version of this blueprinting or recalibration work.. It is possible to remove the matrix of anything. This applies especially to any invading biology, whether this is natural or man made, for example ‘bioweapons’..


matrix removal


The matrix of cancer can also be eradicated. Whilst I’m not a doctor (you should still see a professional healthcare worker), I can tell you that it has been my experience that in the majority of cases, where those who have chosen to remove the cancer matrix have survived! Of course if your soul contract is at an end, this will not be the case.. 


We can also remove the matrix of a negative emotion, such as fear or anger.. At this stage in our spiritual growth, it is vitally important to learn to master our lower natures, and not to allow these emotions to control us or our behaviour.. Denser energies need to be released from our energy field, since they hold our vibration down and prevent us from rising to the higher light fields of existence… Due to our nature as both electrical and magnetic beings, we will hold the energies of these dense vibrations within our cells. They will be stored in the DNA of the cell, and will produce a distorted version of reality. This tends to cause the cells to dysfunction, restricting the natural flow of ‘Ki’ through them, leading to a shutting down, disease, decay and ultimately cell death…                                .. I have also been using this matrix removal technique to remove the cause of an illness with success. It is not always easy to identify the exact cause of an affliction. But when using this modality it isn’t necessary to know this information, as the offending matrix will reveal itself when called forth… However, when this is done, you will most likely experience a significant emotional release, as these are the ones that have been stored in the cells. It is furthermore important that they be banished forever… To site one case that I have dealt with where a woman was suffering with diabetes.. I removed the matrix for the cause of this, which turned out to be an unhealthy eating habit. Of course the eating was a way of stuffing down the emotions which she had felt unable to face. The result was that they came to the surface to be released.. I have an excellent tool for releasing these toxic emotions should you need to. This is all about Self-Mastery. You can purchase this tool below:-

… Everything that we experience, whether this is joy or pain and trauma, is felt by and stored within the ‘Heart’. Our heart needs to live in a peaceful body and not be subjected to continual stress, emotional or otherwise. The heart contains the ‘Divine Spark’ that needs to be empowered within us all. This cannot happen whilst we live our lives in constant flux carrying a heavy vibrational load… So please Book your Matrix Removal NOW… Please click on the button below to buy the ‘Emotional Release Tool’, priced £80 (if you already have the Elohim Grids set number 2, you will find it there).. The grid ideally needs to be printed. Ensure that you select ‘actual size’ when printing (approx 9cm by 13cm).. Due to the sensitive nature of the grid I’m not keeping this on a server, so please allow time for delivery…                                                               Instructions for use:- When you are experiencing a strong emotion, hold the grid face down, firstly on your left wrist, pulse point, repeat the words “All is well” 3 times. Then move the grid up the left arm, half way between the wrist and elbow on the inner edge, lined up with the karate chop position. Again repeat the words “All is well” 3 times. Then place the grid over your heart, and do the same.. This will shift the energy out of your heart matrix/meridian preventing it from being stored within your cells! It also tends to change the memory that triggered the emotion, so we cannot access it in the same way