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Matrix Removals.. remove the matrix of any pathogen, virus, invading non friendly bacteria or infection! 


Since the matrix is the supporting structure for anything physical or emotional, when the codes of the matrix are removed (reset), the virus or pathogen collapses immediately.. In my experience the benefits and healing are almost instantaneous, especially in the case of viruses. This is because a virus has the smallest atomic structure, followed by bacteria, then single cell organisms, and lastly multi-cell organisms..

I have been extremely busy the past couple of years as you can imagine, removing these coronavirus codes, including ‘SARS COV 2’. You will see testimonials to this effect on this website. Some who have only been given a 1% chance of survival (on ventilators), or who have experienced severe breathing difficulties, have thankfully made full and usually rapid recoveries..   

The code of any Divine abomination can be removed, including that of Ebola, Aids, Malaria!


Viruses wouldn’t exist if we were all aligned with our Higher Selves and lived in a field of expanded consciousness. But until the time that we can evolve to this heightened level of existence, the matrix and blueprint work will serve us well..

Here are some testimonials:-


As a disclaimer, I would still recommend that if you think that you are seriously ill, please contact your physician, though this work has helped and healed many who didn’t respond to traditional healing methods.. Hopefully in the near future, this type of alternative healing will be more recognized. I cannot at present empower you to use this healing technique, but I can with others. These are my ‘Radiant Light Courses’ ,you can find them Here.       


A Fear Matrix or that of any unaligned emotion, can be removed too! And any Soul Traumas from the Past..


“The fear matrix removal was exactly what I needed to dig deeper in my heart to navigate my childhood memories that I couldn’t previously remember… pains and traumas from dark experiences that I never spoke of and most wouldn’t believe..

I disconnected for too long. I relived the most painful memories and navigated the darkest places to retrieve those soul parts. Love was my navigation, and I felt only love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for myself. I didn’t feel any blame, judgement, or any emotion that wasn’t love because through love I saw only the truth… the parts of me who felt separated from the Divine when they never were. They had to be reminded of who they are and brought back home.

I subconsciously kept trying to bypass what I couldn’t avoid even though I consciously had no memory or a clue to what I was missing. So now my inner child feels healed and whole! And I’m experiencing another shift as a result!”….. L. Nicholson

Here are more options (click on the pics to book) :


Soul Trauma Removal

Remove the matrix of any Soul Imprints which do not serve your Highest Good, thus ridding yourself of the effects of traumas from any timeline.

Testimonial: “I am an absolute changed light being lol! I don’t think I have ever felt as happy and peaceful in my days.. In the past every time I have expanded to create I felt a surge of impending doom, the blanket and weight of that disillusionment was breathtaking. And now, absolutely no focus on the outcome, I am so so happy creating and feel in my centre which if I’m honest I’ve never felt. The deepest sense of trust and knowing that all is well and now I can just do my thing! Thank you so so much!..” Marie Coveley


matrix removal Matrix Removal

Remove the matrix of a virus, including coronavirus ( I have been very successful at removing the SARS COV 2 code), invading bacteria, or benign growths, you can also ask to remove the matrix of the cause of any condition.. If you would like to benefit from a package of 6 bookings (the quantity 1 refers to the 1 package), especially good if you have children who readily suffer from mumps, measles, chicken pox etc, the package price is £210 only, (please click on pic).. To book a single ‘Matrix Removal’ please click HERE  


futureCancer Recalibration

This recalibration can be used to remove the ‘cancer matrix’. All of our biology is supported by a matrix, and once this is removed, any growth or cells begin to collapse and die off..


spike protein Spike Protein Removal

In my work I have found that the ‘spike protein’ a component of the MRNA vaccines, has been causing some complications with people’s health. For instance I have had to remove the matrix of blood clots from people who have received the vaccine. They reported to me that they were experiencing mini strokes, and the medical profession didn’t know why?.. From my own experience, which was unpleasant to say the least, I realized that it was important to remove the code of this protein. Yes it is a controversial subject, but if this resonates with you please book this by clicking on the picture… ♥


To receive these healing sessions, (all work is distance healing)… no preparation is required, just relax to receive the energy, which will be sent to you remotely at your pre-booked time.


I haven’t included the vast array of uses for this technique, as there would not be enough space. You will find more on the blog page, such as the endothelium reset. If you wish to book something that is not listed, please contact me.. The uses of this modality are limitless!! ♥♥♥