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At this critical time in our evolution, and with the sudden invasion of the Sars cov 2/covid 19 coronavirus, upon our world, we must do whatever we can to ensure that our immune system is functioning at optimum levels..


Our ‘T cells’ or lymphosites, are the first line of defence when dealing with foreign invaders to our bodies.. They are designed to eliminate unwanted, harmful bacteria, viruses, and protazoa, from our systems..

Viruses can target our immune system, and kill off our T cells, rendering us open to infection, and leaving us vulnerable..


Help however is at hand. In Ralph Smart’s latest video, he says that Zimbabwe have developed a herbal remedy to fight off this virus.. But there is another way of dealing with this intruder.. We can recalibrate the matrix of our T cells, restoring them back to their original healthy blueprint, giving us the best possible line of defence and optimizing our health, not just against this virus, but against any mutating virus that is harmful to our bodies!..


Humanity, as a Creator Being, has the ability to see these matrices, but in the majority of people, this ability is still dormant alas… Since receiving a recalibration myself, to my 3rd eye, by the High Council and Elohim, I have been able to view these matrices, and either remove or recalibrate them for wellbeing..

I regularly offer discounts on these recalibrations, in my monthly newsletter, so be sure to subscribe.. If you would like to book the ‘Immunity Reset’, please visit the Home page… 

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