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Your vehicles of expression, have been exposed to many realities, often those of an unsavoury kind.. These experiences have created a hiatus within you, that has resulted in the restriction of your life force, your body’s vital force for wellbeing.. Illness and disease have been the result of this restriction.. The infliction of these sufferings, have, over time, created a distortion in your energy field, one that has paved the way for the breakdown and demise of your bodies, which through malfunctioning, can no longer hold themselves upon the Earth Plane. Death is the inevitable consequence..

The alterations and distortions within the energy template, are carried in the DNA. Genetic mutations occur, which are often carried down through the ancestral line, to inflict future generations, with a sudden mysterious illness, that appears to have no apparent cause. Its untraceable origin, can make it difficult to treat.. Your society is used to treating the symptoms of an illness, and not the root cause, especially where the cause is unidentifiable…



This will not create a happy or permanent solution to the issue, and may only mask its workings within you.. Since many such issues originate from previous timelines, it is necessary to use an energy tool that is equipped to clear them. One that can penetrate to the heart of the matter, deleting or restructuring the original matrix, as is necessary. The energy blueprint will then be corrected, and the condition will dissolve.. The tool which can be used for this work, is to Blueprint your DNA.. which provides you with unlimited potential for resolving illness, that has originated elsewhere… Book Here


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