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“Recalibrating your matrix is an essential part of the process of change for you all. Alignment issues will occur from time to time, as you identify with different aspects of yourself throughout this process of change, taking your experience of Self to new levels.

The journey is a spiral one comprising of many parts, driven by the engine of change. The Cosmic Lattice is renewed continually through the spectrum of light, integrating new elements within itself. Spectral changes increase the diversity of manifested expression for the Whole, elevating it to new frequencies. The Vehicle of Light is one such manifestation, whose expression changes within the fields of light, moving through different layers of density as it journeys Home..

The principal awakening call is felt within the Heart of Life, and responded to by All. Excitement is felt at the sound of the call, stirring you into life, and out of the cocoon of dormancy that you have been held within. New possibilities are stirring within your heart, and new horizons beckon with added promise. As the veils are released, you will be able to see more of your multidimensional selves in the process, with their resplendent energies. Diversity of form is a conglomerate experience of the Whole, with new possibilities emerging constantly. Those that are engineered from within the Divine Matrix, take on a new reality and dimensional light which far exceeds the previous ones in existence…. Your light is bright dear ones, you have acceded to new levels of the Cosmic Stairway, taking your brothers and sisters and the whole of the Cosmic Family with you”.

The above is information from MAX, the thirteenth Ancient Crystal Skull. He is a living library of consciousness, with a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom. If you would like to read his wisdom on the importance of recalibrating your hologram, please go Here.


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