How to change your genetic encoding


As a Soul, we may have had to agree to take on ancestral DNA when we incarnated, in order to fulfil our life purpose.. This DNA however may be corrupt, as it is partly the result of the unresolved karmic lessons of our ancestors, which we are now being carried forward, in an effort to heal this..

Our  soul contracts require that we transmute this DNA, and restore it to its original template for well-being..


As well as taking on board the karma of our predecessors, we are also operating from limitation, going back to the fall in consciousness, when our frequency and vibrations were lowered.. This has kept us vibrating within a reduced bandwidth of energy..

After the ‘Fall’, our DNA templates were altered, so that we could no longer connect with our original 12 strand matrix.. Our DNA was programmed to keep us within a limited lifespan, physically, with the idea that in order for us to evolve spiritually, we would need to keep incarnating over and over, almost ad infinitum …

This scenario is no longer true for Humanity, as it is now possible to be born with a lower state of consciousness, and become an enlightened being in just one lifetime!


The Blueprint Reset technique, is an excellent way to not only reverse the corrupted DNA templates, but to heal and restore us back to our Divine healthy state of being..


No longer will we suffer short lifespans. No longer will we be beset with illnesses and diseases of a lower frequency vibration… It doesn’t have to be this way.. We are being given a divine solution to this, here...     

Our genes can be targeted specifically, if necessary.. Below are a few of these genes, and how they affect us:

  • LRP5  : this gene is responsible for giving us strong bones
  • MSTN : the myostatin protein, or gene, gives us stronger leaner muscles, and can be useful in combatting issues such as muscular dystrophy
  • FAAH-OUT : this gene is responsible for pain insensitivity
  • PCSK9 : this gene can fight heart disease
  • GRIN2B : this gene gives enhanced memory and learning abilities
  • ABCC11 : is linked to low body odour production
  • BDKRB2 : increases lung capacity, helping us to hold our breath under water for longer, for instance
  • IRF4: is responsible for greying hair, and probably ‘poliosis’ (the white streak) too


Convert your LDL cholesterol into HDL


Did you know that some people have a gene which automatically converts all harmful cholesterol into what is considered to be good healthy cholesterol (HDL)?..

This gene is sadly only present in a small proportion of the populous.. It was not a part of our original blueprint code, and when we shift to the higher dimensions it will no longer be required.. However in the meantime, many here on earth are suffering with this health issue, which has many effects such as heart disease, and so have mostly been prescribed statins as a solution by our medical profession..

But what if we could download the genetic code that will do this beneficial work for us?.. We can….. We are first and foremost energy beings, so our Divine Creator has supplied a divine energy solution.. If you are suffering with cholesterol problems, why not try this method yourself?… You can book this download (which is remote) below,     price £35. You should only need one download..

Cholesterol Gene

With regards to the blueprinting of a matrix, non specific targeting is equally successful, since it is only necessary to know what the issue is, in order for a Blueprint Reset to work..