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“The Pineal Gland is your Higher Self programming unit. It contains programs that run automatically. One such program is the sleep cycle. The Pineal Gland is sensitive to light and dark, and obeys the rhythms of Nature or circadian rhythms. It tells your body when it’s time to sleep, so that the organism can rest, renew and recharge..

Higher Light Photons, interrupt this cycle, keeping you awake, when you wish to sleep. The interference of these light codes, is a normal part of your evolutionary path. The codes are essential for growth and expansion..


During periods of huge shifts in consciousness states, sleep disruption will be prevalent, whilst the gland is attempting to integrate and process the codes. Integration is essential for your expansion, however over time the pineal gland has become calcified. This calcification interferes with the absorption of photonic light and its codes, and the glands natural functioning, thus anomalies occur.

The processing of light is an intricate affair, that requires many electrical changes. Electron encoding is of paramount importance. When the pineal gland functions normally, it processes light at optimum speed, therefore making the adjustments to change, quickly, without disruption to the normal patterns and cycles of your biology…..

It is recommended that you use the Blueprint Reset method to assist and normalise the functioning of this important gland. The effect of doing this, will be to speed up your evolution, not to mention the restoration of normal sleep patterns and habits….”


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