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Everything hasgene its etheric counterpart, this includes genes and specifically the DNA. This is one of the reasons that we have unused, untapped DNA strands (termed ‘junk’), which although were once active, now only exist in their etheric versions… DNA however evolves over time, to cater for our needs. You only have to look at the rhinoceri who are now being born without horns, presumably to prevent them from being killed by ivory poachers.. This is Mother Nature at her best..

Along the same lines, some of our population, not all though alas, have developed a gene which will convert LDL Cholesterol into non harmful HDL Cholesterol. Thus helping them to avoid heart disease and other illnesses related to the presence of high levels of LDL Cholesterol in our bodies..

Again since this is a manifested gene, it will have its etheric counterpart.. This is great news for us, since we can download the etheric version of this gene code.. Though this code was not part of our original blueprint, and should not be necessary once we have shifted frequency to a higher dimensional paradigm, it provides a very useful purpose at present, in maintaining the health of our bodies…   Too read more click HERE

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