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Most of you are aware that your pineal gland is significant in your evolution from the Human Genome to the Galactic Genome. Many cycles have occurred upon the Earth, and many changes have been made manifest, during these cycles. Now you are entering a completely new cycle, one which will require a full and healthy functioning of your pineal gland, since this in reality, is the seat of the Soul, the Atla Major chakra. It is the entry point for higher dimensional frequencies, and the codes of light, which activate your dormant DNA, and the star codes that you inherently possess. A fully awakened soul has a clear pineal gland. Over time this gland has become calcified and relatively inactive in your lives. The changes that are occurring on the Earth, will require you to use your pineal gland, in order to stay in alignment with these energetic shifts. You cannot keep pace if it has atrophied.



Did you know that every part of your biology has its own energy matrix, which ultimately comprises the whole. What if there was a way to restore the matrix of the pineal gland? The good news is that this can be done, using a new healing system, the Recalibration System. Using this system, the faulty misaligned matrix code, can be easily identified. From this point it is matched against the original blueprint code of the pineal gland. Any missing or misaligned code is replaced and corrected instantly, restoring this gland back to full functioning. Here is the testimony of someone who has received this recalibration of her pineal gland …

The testimonial below, is from Brenda who was very inspired to ask for her pineal gland to be recalibrated to its original matrix!

“Thank you so much for the amazing session.
I could sure feel the waves of energy coming thru, my head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming thru in waves.

I felt the whole time you were working on me.
The session was totally awesome and you are amazing!!

Very much appreciated!!”…. Brenda Jones


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