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The reasons for illness can be unclear. At the deepest cellular level, changes have occurred over time. The cellular membranes have altered, creating a new biosynthesis within the body. Its functions change, and the body struggles to achieve maximum health..

Though we cannot know the full cause of this, whether this be an energetic from an alternate timeline, something from the past, or a more recent development, the cause can now be eliminated entirely.. Illness and disease, do not have to be our legacy, they can be successfully removed from this timeline, thereby restoring us to optimum health..



This is achieved through the use of the latest light technology that has been given to us, ‘Blueprint Reset’.. The offending matrix or matrices, as there is often more than one matrix that is responsible for our issue, is either removed, or reset back to its original blueprint code, a factory reset, if you will.. Once this is completed, change begins, and Perfect Health becomes achievable again..

The cellular codes of this system, are drawing in more light, more life force from ‘Source’ level, renewing and regenerating the cells, back to optimum performance.. This technique can be applied to anything, to create the desired changes.. Here is a recent testimony from Aase, who has been battling with type two diabetes:-

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kira.👍 The cravings and the eternal hunger is gone!! Yipppiii. (…like a child) I feel so relieved, and I also feel normal in the food path for the first time in my life. To me this is a miracle! You have to be magical!! Even the blood sugar was much  lower.. This has to be the greatest news for the world….recalibration. Wow!”😀



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