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They now say that two out of every four people will experience cancer at some point in their lives.. Why is this happening?


As emotional Souls, we often do not fully process our powerful emotions of anger, or anxiety, and they then become stored within the cellular memory and appear as illness in the body at a later date.. This is invariably the case with cancer. If we were able to heal our emotions and address them shortly after we experienced them, it wouldn’t have a chance..

Of course there have also been substances in our air, food and water that have polluted our bodies, and most likely have also been a contributing factor. But emotion plays a key role in this illness..


As scary as it can be, cancer is a ‘Journey’ rather than a ‘Destination’. It doesn’t have to be a death sentence!  We are living in a time when we need to evolve to the next level and this requires that all lower vibrations be eliminated from our bodies, and we be realigned with ‘health and wellbeing’


The Matrix Removal or Cancer Recalibration, is the tool to breakdown these structures and remove them from our bodies ..

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